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This is the official site of the Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association (BBNWA).
With over 1,100 Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in place in Bexley, your association is growing in strength and size. Each Watch has a co-ordinator and deputy who are in contact with the BBNWA Management Committee and office volunteers who provide backup and support and act as a link with the police and other agencies.


Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention schemes ever. It is about getting together with your neighbours to reduce local crime and disorder and make your neighbourhood a safe and better place to live, work and play. Neighbourhood Watch aims to bring local people closer together who share common goals' to tackle crime and disorder and to keep an eye on each other's property.


The original function of Neighbourhood Watch, when it was established by the police in 1982, was to tackle household burglary. This remains a primary function of Neighbourhood Watch. Nevertheless, Neighbourhood Watch is not only about crime prevention, it also aims to foster 'good neighbourliness' and a strong community spirit.


Each Watch usually covers one street and has one Street Coordinator and possibly a deputy. Bexley is split into 17 wards. Police Safer Neighbourhoods Teams (SNTs), NW coordinators and NW office volunteers work together to highlight and improve crime and disorder in their local area. The Management Committee is also there to support NW Coordinators and volunteers.

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How it Works

The London Borough of Bexley is made up of 17 Wards and Neighbourhood Watches are grouped by the Ward their street/s are in. Generally, a Watch contains one street or, if a long street, then part of it. Likewise, if it is a shorter street, there may be more than one in a Watch. Each Watch has one or more volunteer Coordinators which Residents are able to make contact with regarding issues such as crime and anti-social behaviour. Coordinators are supported by the Neighbourhood Watch Office, based in Bexleyheath Police station. We are an independent organisation and work closely with police Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs). There is one SNT team per Ward, made up of a Sergeant, PCs and PCSOs. Neighbourhood Watch is a network that enables better communication between residents, Coordinators and the police teams.

The Benefits

Neighbourhood Watch is a long-established and well known Organisation with a good reputation. Some reasons to be part of it -

  • Neighbourhood Watch brings residents together, providing a sense of Community and strength in numbers
  • It is run by volunteers that are passionate about improving their local community
  • It enables a two-way flow of local information, key messages, alerts and crime prevention advice relevant to your local area
  • Less crime and Anti Social Behaviour as a result
  • Coordinators receive a weekly summary of information to share with their Watches, broken down by Ward
  • Free door and window stickers are made available to residents and Neighbourhood Watch street signs put up in participating streets, all proven to reduce the chance of crime


Other initiatives that form part of what we do

Shop Watch

We connect shops in the Borough to enable alerts to be passed on effectively.

Hound Watch

Dog walkers are ideal for being the eyes and ears of the neighbourhood, particularly early morning or after dark.

Horse Watch

Helping to prevent theft of horses, tack and related equipment as well as advocating horse welfare.

Plot Watch

The allotment community pulling together to help prevent theft, criminal damage and vandalism.

Hospital Watch

Our newest initiative to help deter crime and anti-social behaviour at hospitals in the Borough. Queen Mary's in Sidcup is the first hospital in our pilot scheme.

Faith Watch

Vandalism, anti-social behaviour and hate crime - all issues that can affect religious communities.


The Neighbourhood Watch Debate

To be a part of Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch as a Coordinator or resident, begin by checking your street!

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